How can we rename the autosys server name in WCC?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We need to rename the Autosys Server Name within WCC.

You can not edit the field 'Server Name' in the 'Configuration'-tab. There is neither an option to 'Rename' this definition.


The Autosys 'Server Name' is being referenced in many other components. For example when creating Monitoring Views.

WCC 11.3 and higher.

We will need to delete the Autosys Server Name definition and need to create it again.

1. Export existing configuration -u ejmcommander -p ejmcommander -x export_config.txt

2. Export existing monitoring views ejmcommander -p ejmcommander -x export_monitor.txt

3. Check monitor.txt file for views that are referencing this Autosys Server Name

4. If any, delete these views. You can do this manually thru 'Monitoring'-tab or eventually use wcc_monitor utility

5. Check export.txt file for credential users that are linked to this Autosys Server Name.

6. If any, delete these credential users. You can do this manually thru 'Credential'-tab or eventually use wcc_config utility

Note: you can not delete credential user _MONITOR_:<userid>

7. Delete the Autosys Server Name in 'Configuration'-tab

8. Define the new Autosys Server Name

9. Define the Credential users again

10. Create the monitor views again


Additional Information:

You can find more information on both utilities on

- wcc_config : Administer the Configuration Batch Interface

- wcc_monitor : Administer the Monitoring Batch Interface