How can we permanently remove transactions from the global SAFELIST in CA ACF2 CICS when there is no ACF2PARM data set?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The CA ACF2 CICS parameters can be specified in an ACF2PARM data set, or as C-CIC (Control CICS) records in the CA ACF2 InfoStorage database. If there is no ACF2PARM data set then C-CIC records are in use.

CA ACF2 Release 16.0

Find the applicable C-CIC SAFELIST record to delete. Note that the C-CIC records are stored using a SYSID value or mask. To see all of the applicable records issue the ACF command (either from ACF mode in TSO, the CP function of the ACFM transaction, or using ACFBATCH):



When you have identified the SAFELIST record to delete, issue:


Where "recordid" matches the SAFELIST entry that you want to remove and "sysid" matches the applicable CICS region(s) SYSID where you want to permanently remove this record.


Refer to the CA ACF2 CICS Support section under docops CA ACF2™ for z/OS - 16.0 for additional information regarding the use and maintenance of C-CIC records.