How can we maintain a JOURNAL entry if we delete the original member of the PDS?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Using JOURNAL=Y and when we delete the primary member in the PDS the JOURNAL entry is deleted as well. How do I stop this from happening?


Currently you are using the $UPDATE JOURNAL=Y  setting which allows a copy of the PDS member to be maintained in the JOURNAL copy.

You will want to change this to $UPDATE JOURNAL=X

From the manual:

Library Update Journaling option. For more information about this facility, see Member Archiving and Recovery Facilities.

No journaling (default).

Old member retention required. Old versions of replaced modules are copied to the backup library to provide previous version recoverability.

Similar to option X but prevents the update to the main library if the journal operation is unsuccessful. Message PDSM021-25 is issued to identify the error and STOW return code 20 is issued to prevent the main library update

Update journaling required. Library update operations are duplicated in the backup library to provide up-to-the-minute recoverability.



Additional Information:

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Look for $UPDATE JOURNAL=   function

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