How can we get the aliases setting for a user profile?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Customer is not able to get the 'aliases' definitions for each specific user.



WAAE 11.3.x



The alias setting is not interpreted at the job runtime such as the environment variable setting.

'alias' is a unix command, it forks a process.


In order to get the aliases defined for a user profile, you can use the attribute profile in the job definition as follows:

* ----------------- TEST1 ----------------- */

insert_job: TEST1 job_type: CMD
command: "alias > /home/sample/alias.txt"
machine: mymachine
owner: user1
date_conditions: 0
std_out_file: /home/log/${AUTO_JOB_NAME}_${AUTORUN}.log
std_err_file: /home/log/${AUTO_JOB_NAME}_${AUTORUN}.err
alarm_if_fail: 0
profile: /home/conf/user1/.profile


- This is extraction from the .profile of user 'user1'
alias lm='ls -al | more'
alias ll='ls -l'
alias la='ls -la'
alias lrt='ls -alrt'


- extraction from agentparm.txt

# this tells the agent to switch to the user home


- The result after run the job

root:  vi  /home/sample/alias.txt
la='ls -la'
ll='ls -l'
lm='ls -al | more'
lrt='ls -alrt'


Additional Information:

As autosys do not use 'su - ' when run a user .profile, we can use the following workaround in the job definition: 

command: "su - user1; alias > /home/sample/alias.txt"
owner: root