How Can We Filter A TSSUTIL Report To Suppress USS Logs?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We've recently mounted a NFS shared directory whit the NFS client for Z/Os. And we have a big volume of violations.

They are normal, just want to get rid of them from TSSUTIL report.


You can filter a TSSUTIL report by selecting the kind of violations you want to be printed out.


Here it is an example of what it is feasible. The TSSUTIL will report on all kind of violation except for DRC 004 and 008.

With USS there are not real DRC.


REPORT DRC(01,02,03,05,06,07,09,0A,0B,0C,0D,46,64) NOLEGEND END /* Selects all initiation violation codes. 01 - 1D, 46, and 64, but 004 and 008 */ 

REPORT DRC(DS) NOLEGEND END /* Selects all data set violation codes. 65 - 72 */

REPORT DRC(VL) NOLEGEND END /* Selects all volume violation codes. 73 - 81 */

REPORT DRC(RS) NOLEGEND END /* Selects all resource violations. 42, 5F - 63, and 82 - 101 */

REPORT DRC(PW) NOLEGEND END /* Selects all password and OID violations. 07 - 0F */


You have to run one report per kind of selected DRC.


Additional Information:

-For CA Top Secret r15.0, refer to CA Top Secret for z/OS Report An Tracking Guide; Chapter 1: TSSUTIL Utility --> TSSUTIL Report Selection Criteria



-For CA Top Secret r16.0, go to