How can the output of a TSS command issued on TSO/ISPF be redirected into a dataset?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When a TSS command is entered on TSO/ISPF, the output is returned to the screen. If the output is large, you need to keep pressing the ENTER key to locate the data you are looking for.

Additionally, you can't scroll up to see the data, which has already been displayed in the previous screen.


TSSBRWZ, which is a REXX EXEC, is contained in the TSSOPMAT library.

TSSBRWZ allows you to browse the output of a TSS command, using the advanced features of TSO/ISPF to:

  • Scroll up and down inside the command output
  • Locate specific information using the FIND command
  • Review information previously seen without having to
  • re-issue the command

To use TSSBRWZ, you must make this member available to a data set in your TSO SYSPROC concatenation. Then issue a modified TSS command, for instance:


This will allow you to browse the output of the TSS MODIFY STATUS command.

TSSBRWZ can be used for any TSS command. It is especially helpful for TSS commands whose output is usually large.

For example:


By default, the name of the output dataset is "userid.TSSBRWZ", but you can change the name by modifying the TSSBRWZ member.

Please see the comments written in TSSBRWZ member for more information.