How can the logo and text in the CA Spectrum Webclient be customized or changed?

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Last Modified Date : 14/03/2019
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The CA Spectrum WebClient has the CA Technologies logo. 


How can the CA Spectrum WebClient logo be changed from CA Technologies to another logo?


To change the text:


Navigate to the $SPECROOT\Spectrum\tomcat\webapps\spectrum\webclient directory

Open the "header.jsp" file in a text editor 


Locate the following section in this file and change the highlighted text:

<a href="index.jsp" class="logo">

          <!-- mini logo for sidebar mini 50x50 pixels -->

          <span class="logo-mini">CA</span>

          <!-- logo for regular state and mobile devices -->

         <span class="logo-lg"><b>CA</b>Spectrum</span>




To change the Logo:

Navigate to the $SPECROOT\Spectrum\tomcat\webapps\spectrum\webclient\theme\css directory

Edit the Spectrum.css file. Find this section:


.main-header .logo .logo-mini {

background-image: url(../../images/CA_gray_logo_45x37.png) 


Put your file in the $SPECROOT\Spectrum\tomcat\webapps\spectrum\webclient\images folder  and update the background-image entry above with your filename. 


Reload the WebClient.