How can Superdomain metrics be published in subdomains ?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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 Some metrics, like Supportability metrics, only appear by default in the SuperDomain. In some cases, you may want to have the metric & value republished into a subdomain. This will make it accessible to users who do not have permission to view the SuperDomain.


How can I republish metrics from the SuperDomain into subdomains ?

Any APM release with a Standalone Enterprise Manager, or a MOM Enterprise Manager within a cluster.

To republish metrics from the SuperDomain into, for example, SubDomainA, open the file <EM_HOME>/config/agentclusters.xml on the Standalone Enterprise Manager, or on the MOM Enterprise Manager (if using a cluster). Edit the file, and create an <agent-cluster> entry like the example below, where TESTAGENT is the hostname, Tomcat is the process name, and TomcatAgent is the agent name:


<agent-cluster name="Testing" domain="SuperDomain" tgtDomain="SubDomainA">

<agent-specifier>(.*)\|Custom Metric Process \(Virtual\)\|Custom Metric Agent \(Virtual\)</agent-specifier>


<metric-specifier>Agents\|TESTAGENT\|Tomcat\|TomcatAgent:Metric Count</metric-specifier>



Once the sections is created, save the file, and restart the Enterprise Manager (or MOM, if in a cluster).

When the Enterprise Manager is running again, you will see an agent named "Testing", with the metrics specified in the agentclusters.xml file.