How can SPECTRUM be changed to stop alarming on Authentication Failure Traps? (Legacy KB ID CNC TS29276 )

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When an Authentication Failure trap has been sent to SPECTRUM, either event 0x10017 or event 0x1030a are generated. 

The trap mapping setup for event 0x10017 is defined in the <SPECROOT>/SS/CsVendor/Cabletron/EventDisp file:

0x00010017 E 50 A 1,0x01030a

You will need to modify the EventDisp file in the <SPECROOT>\SS\CsVendor\Cabletron directory and change the following line from:
   0x00010017 E 50 A 1,0x01030a
   To be:
   0x00010017 E 50
   You will then need to modify the EventDisp file in the <SPECROOT>\SS\CsVendor\IETF directory.  Change the following line
   0x0001030a E 50 A 1,0x0001030a
   To be:
   0x0001030a E 50
   Once you have made those changes, navigate to the VNM model, and in the Information area select SpectroSERVER Control.  Click on the Update Event Configuration button. That will load the changes into the
   SpectroSERVER so that the next time an authentication failure trap is received by SPECTRUM, only an event will be generated.

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Problem Environment:


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SPECTRUM is set up to generate a minor alarm on authentication failure traps.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS29276 )