How can SPECTRUM automatically clear an alarm after a specified period of time? (Legacy KB ID CNC TS27230 )

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You can use the Alarm Age Out functionality to do this, but it is limited to an hourly limit (see TS31465 for information on using the Alarm Age Out functionality).  If you would like to specify a different time period, (like less than an hour) then this  functionality can be achieved by using nested EventCondition Rules.

You need to nest two event condition rules into one rule using events that will never be generated (they will be called "false events" for this example).

Set up two EventPair rules to look for false events to follow within a certain timeframe. Since these false events will never happen, the rule will be true, so it will generate the events specified according to the rule.

Select the event that is generated that relates to the corresponding alarm.  Select two events that are never going to follow the original event. Nest them in one event rule.

Here is an example of the rule (be sure to replace the event numbers if you need/want to):

0x00abcdef R Aprisma.EventPair, 0xaaaaaaaa, 0x000fafaf, 10\

                 R Aprisma.EventPair, 0xaaaaaaab, 0x000fafaa, 6000

0x000fafaf E 50 A 2, 0x00abcdef

0x000fafaa E 30 C 0x00abcdef

This example tells SPECTRUM that when event 0x00abcdef is generated, see if it is followed by 0xaaaaaaaa within 10 seconds. If not, then generate EVENT 0x000fafaf. EVENT 0x000fafaf then says to create a major ALARM with an alarm id of 0x00abcdef . The rule also says that if EVENT 0x00abcdef is not followed by EVENT 0xaaaaaaab within 6000 seconds, then to generate EVENT 0x000fafaa which tells SPECTRUM to clear ALARM 0x00abcdef .

For this example, the event files for 0x00abcdef, 0x000fafaf and 0x000fafaa would need to be created as well as the probable cause file for alarm 0x00abcdef.  The 6000 seconds can be whatever timeframe (in seconds) you need to have the alarm automatically clear.

This will work for all events/alarms in SPECTRUM, however you would need to set up a rule for each one.

Further explanation of Event Condition rules is explained in the Event Configuration Files Guide in the SPECTRUM documentation (document 5070.pdf)


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Problem Environment:
EventCondition Rule
SPECTRUM 8.1.0 Core

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS27230 )