How can one bypass the TPX/VTAM logon screen and go directly to the default profile for TPX application selection, avoiding userid or password requirement

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can I configure TPX so that users bypass the TPX LOGO and are placed directly into TPX main menu (Session List)?


Be advised this is a complex procedure and should be tested in a non-production environment first.

Go to    :              TPX Terminal Options Detail  Panel

Command ===>

                                                                       Panelid - TEN0144
                                                                       Userid - ZZZZZZZ
                                                                       Termid - A55TU043
Terminal Options Table: SYSAPROD                     Date - 01/25/08
Terminal Mask entry: RULE01                              Time - 08:15:27
Terminal Mask: *******

 The masks are checked in “entry alphabetical order”.
 As you see the entries in your list, that is the order in which the masks are checked.
 To be sure autosign works for all terminals, place the “********” mask as the first entry.

Change Signoff to Logoff:                          Y                                  
Disallow Input from LOGO:                          N                                  
Disallow LOGOFF, /K, or PF3 from LOGO:             N                                  
Use Terminal name as Userid (Autosign):            Y    <- " CHANGE to Y "

A RELOAD of the TRM table will be required if the TRM table is not loaded at TPX startup.
The Terminal name will be now be used as a userid. Validation will not be performed.

The "security" of NONE can either be placed in the SMRT, or in the default profile.

Please follow these steps carefully.

    1-Setup and run a second TPX that only the administrator(s), and possibly helpdesk people, can get onto.

    2-Have the VT names for this second TPX begin with a character that will never be the first character of a real terminal LU.

    3-In the terminal options table for the production TPX, have an entry that sorts as the first one with a mask of something
       like A******** where A is the unique character of the VT names from the second TPX.
       In this entry have AUTOSIGN set to N .
     4-When an administrator or helpdesk person needs access:
        a) Sign on to the second TPX
        b) Select the production TPX from the second TPX.
        c) Sign on to the production TPX.
        d) Do the administrative or helpdesk work that needs to be done.

Finally, change Signoff to Logoff in TRM options table to Y so that the LOGO is never seen even if a user issues the F command.

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