How can I use SYS280FZ as the FREEZDD PARAMETER for both VISION:Results and VISION:Sixty?

Document ID : KB000024460
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Sites that use both VISION:Results free-format syntax and VISION:Sixty fixed-format syntax frequently use the FREEZE utility to compile modules under both. The FREEZDD DYLINSTL parameter defines the output data set that is to hold the resulting object module. It can be overridden, but the default values for FREEZDD are SYS280DD for VISION:Results (jobs that execute PGM=DYL280) and SYS260DD for VISION:Sixty (jobs that execute PGM=DYL260, or execute PGM=DYL280 and include OPTION 260 at the beginning of SYSIN).

If a site uses both formats and the default values and has one set of JCL such as with a PROC with a //SYS280FZ DD, a S0C1 abend and the following error is received when attempting to FREEZE a VISION:Sixty module:

This occurs when the DYLINSTL FREEZDD parameter is set to SYS280FZ because the system does not recognize the override since it matches the default.

Customizing patch RS60204 was developed which uses a customized DYLINSTL macro.
If needed at your site, please open an issue and request RS60204 and the customized DYLINSTL macro.