How can I uninstall Client Automation Components and Agents via a command line, silently on the target.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can I uninstall Client Automation Agents and Components by a command line on the target host silently



CA Client Automation -All versions



The first step is to identify the unique identifier for the component that is to be uninstalled using the following table as a guide

Product                                   Component
{501C99B9-1644-4FC2-833B-E675572F8929}    BHW
{624FA386-3A39-4EBF-9CB9-C2B484D78B29}    UAM
{84288555-A79E-4ABD-BA53-219C4D2CA20B}    URC
{62ADA55C-1B98-431F-8618-CDF3CE4CFEEC}    USD
{5933cc13-52ab-4713-85db-e72034b5697A}    Primer
{B490AAAD-5389-48EB-8691-D7096038F255}    Manager
{C0C44BF2-E5E0-4C02-B9D3-33C691F060EA}    DTS
{9654079C-BA1E-4628-8403-C7272FF1BD3E}    Scalability Server

The chosen identifier is then plugged into the command template:
msiexec.exe /x {<Product UID>} /quiet /norestart

So, as an example, to uninstall a UAM agent, the command would be:
msiexec.exe /x {624FA386-3A39-4EBF-9CB9-C2B484D78B29} /quiet /norestart


The Agents / Components will be uninstalled