How can I tell which release of the CA Telon product I am executing?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can I tell what release and genlevel of Telon I am executing?


CA Telon Report Generator


There are 3 ways to determine your release and genlevel of Telon.

  1. When in the TDF main menu, the bottom right hand corner of the screen will show (as an example): 

             C A - T E L O N          RELEASE 5.0    GENLEVEL 0512(C) 2005 COMPUTER ASSOCIATES         INTERNATIONAL, INC.                                                   FOR                DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY
  2. On a compiled listing, please do a find on 'TELON-RELEASE-DATA.  (This is located in Working-Storage section.)

     01  TELON-RELEASE-DATA.     05 TELON-REL-MOD-ID               PIC X(6)  VALUE '4.1 '.    <- version/release     05 TELON-MOD-NO                    PIC X(4)  VALUE '0503'.   <- genlevel   
  3. In your Telon MACLIB, member PTFREF will show you the release and gen level:

    .*TELON PTF REFERENCE NUMBER:  RELEASE 4.1 GENLEVEL 0503    .*TELON                                                     .*TELON DATE LAST MODIFIED:    31-MAR-05