How can I tell what version of the CA DADS Plus SVC I am running in my environment?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA DADS Plus for CICS r4.0 requires an SVC in order to change the DFHRPL concatenation.
There are several versions of the SVC depending on what maintenance you have applied to your system.
How can I tell what version of the SVC I am using?


Starting with fix level RO31901 a new command "SVC" was added to CA DADS Plus for CICS.
This command displays the level of the SVC you are running on your system.

To use the command please do the following:

At a clear screen enter DADS and press enter

Then select


When the DFHRPL LIBRARIES REALLOCATION MENU screen appears enter the SVC command on the COMMAND line and press the ENTER key.

For example below.

APPLID A11IC4S6                 CA-DADS/PLUS  4.0         02/11/2014 13:49:33
                       DFHRPL LIBRARIES REALLOCATION MENU            PAGE    1 
   DATA SET NAME                                                           UNIT   VOLUME   DISP
   CICS.CTS420.GA.CICS.RSU1312.SDFHLOAD                  3390   CICS07    SHR
   TEST.CICS67.OPTSR85                                                 3390   OSI010    SHR
   TEST.DADSPL40.P0507.SMP.LOADLIB                            3380   OSI005    SHR
 DP847: OSISVC ASSEMBLED 03/18/13 10.49
     PF3-END        PF4-EXIT

On Line 23 of the screen the DP847 message will display the date and time of the current SVC you have installed.