How can I tell if the "Use ANSI nulls, paddings, and warnings" setting in the ODBC System DSN was deselected when the IDB was first created in SQL Server?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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To confirm that the IDB was created with the required setting, check the value of the "TrimTrailingBlanks" property for any of the IDB tables that contain character data. You can do this with SQL Server's "sp_help" function. Valid values for TrimTrailingBlanks are "n/a" for non-character data and "yes" or "no" for character columns. All TrimTrailingBlanks values in the IDB should be n/a or yes.

To see the TrimTrailingBlanks values, go to Query Analyzer, select the IDB database, and execute a command like: sp_help SimpleRequest. In the grid containing column information, view the TrimTrailingBlanks values.

See also SQL Server Books Online, the SQL-Transact Reference section on System Stored Procedures.