How can I tell if my CA Datacom/AD environment is being used by CA Netmaster ReportCenter?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA NetMaster ReportCenter requires the Datacom Server USS component. I am about to upgrade my CA Datacom/AD MUF from version 14.0 to 15.0 and I need to know if the optional 15.0 CA Datacom Server USS component (FMID CAYTF02) is needed. My CA Datacom/AD 14.0 CSI shows that it was SMP/e (FMID CAYTE02) installed but I do not know if it is actually being used by my 14.0 MUF.


How can I tell if my CA Datacom/AD Multi-User (MUF) environment is being used by CA NetMaster ReportCenter?



To tell if a CA Datacom MUF might be used by CA NetMaster ReportCenter, first check for the presence of DBID 500.

DBID 1500 is the designated database id and is created by the ReportCenter jobs. 

Run batch DBUTLTY against your existing 14.0 MUF with SYSIN:


If DBID 500 does not exist, you are not using ReportCenter with this MUF.


If DBID 500 does exist as a cataloged database in this MUF, then in the CXX report:

    Look at record counts and dates for context. 

    Look for all "DATA SET NAME" to get the physical data set names for the index and areas (hlq.xxx500) for base 500.

If DBID 500 does exist, also check the MUF jes log for evidence that the base was even opened by any ReportCenter application.

Look for the message in the MUF Jes log:

   DB00903I - OPENED, BASE -     500     



Additional Information:

If you find evidence of base 500 but still cannot determine if it is actually being used, contact CA NetMaster ReportCenter support for additional assistance.