How can I suppress the listing of compile options?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Migration from V6.4 to V11.6 question


When running some test jobs on V11.6, I noticed that the SYSPRINT output DD contains a listing of the various compile, report, and execution options that are being used.  That report doesn't show up when I run the same test on V6.4.

Can you tell me if there is a option so I can prevent this additional information from being added to SYSPRINT? 


Easytrieve r11.6 Compile

LISTPRM specifies whether CA-Easytrieve produces a summary of the 
compilation. The summary contains the parms in effect during the compilation. 
Enter Y to produce the summary. Enter N to suppress the summary. The default 
is Y. 

Additional Information:

You can override this value in any program with PARM LIST PARM, or 
for blanket coverage of all programs, change the Options File parameter 
LISTPRM to N. The Options Files changes are handled by running the 
JOB06OP2 job.located in pdsqual.CBAAJCL(JOB06OP2)