How can I share ACF2 VM Databases between multiple z/VM systems?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can I share ACF2 VM Databases between multiple z/VM systems?


The Database Synchronization Component (DSC) is specifically designed for sites that are sharing CA ACF2 for VM databases between VM and z/OS or between multiple z/VM systems. The DSC allows synchronization of CA ACF2 for VM database changes between VM and z/OS systems using CAICCI (with VTAM or TCP/IP) as the communications method. On the z/OS system the Command Propagation Facility (CPF) is required for the Database Synchronization Component (DSC). CPF on the z/OS system lets you send changes made to CA ACF2 databases on a z/OS system to the corresponding databases on a VM system, and conversely. 

All updates, inserts, changes, and deletes you make to any CA ACF2 for VM record, from z/OS or VM, are shipped (propagated) to the target systems. You can journal any change you make with DSC to a log file. In case one of the two systems is unavailable, the Database Synchronization Component service machine stores the request in a communication log file until the change is shipped to the target system for processing. When the system becomes available and the necessary connections are in place, the Database Synchronization Component service machine ships any changes that were logged and not processed. 

Details for the z/VM Database Synchronization Component (DSC) can be found in the r12 CA ACF2 for z/VM Installation Guide in Chapter 7: Installation Options, section "Database Synchronization Component' page 180. The z/VM Database Synchronization Component (DSC) requires z/VM CA-CIS Services. 

Details regarding the z/OS Command Propagation Facility (CPF) can be found in CA ACF2 for z/OS - 15.0 & 16.0 documentation in section 'CPF Consideration' at the following link: 

The following are considerations when running ACF2 VM DSC over TCP/IP. 

1) CCI/VM r12 is needed if TCP/IP communications are desired. 

2) 4 service machines are needed: 

- ACFSYNC with the DSC parameters on the 100 disk. The ACF2 Installation Guide explains this service machine and how to set it up.
- the CCI documentation explains how to set these up.
- TCPIP - see IBM documentation. 

Details on the CCI support if TCP/IP can be found in the CA-CIS Getting Started Guide in Chapter 5 Using CAICCI section "The CAICCI VM TCP/IP Interface". 

This manual is available from CA SupportOnline at the following link: 

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