How can I restart a robot remotely if I can't access it in Infrastructure Manager?

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Last Modified Date : 13/11/2018
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In some cases, it may be necessary to force a robot to restart when you cannot access the robot from Infrastructure Manager.  Restarting the robot manually fixes the issue, but is not practical if a large number of robots need to be restarted.
How can I restart a robot, or large number of robots, remotely without logging into the systems hosting those robots?
The UIM Probe Utility can issue a callback called "_stop" which will ordinarily deactivate any probe; however, this callback, when issued against the controller probe, will force the controller to restart entirely.

It is possible to use the command-line probe utility to issue commands based on IP and Port combinations.

The probe utility is called "pu.exe" on Windows and just "pu" on Linux, and resides in C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\bin\ on Windows or /opt/nimsoft/bin on Linux.

The command line switch -H can specify a host (IP address) to receive the command, and -P to specify the port.

For example, if the robot at needs to be restarted, and the controller is configured to listen on port 48000 (the default), you could use the following syntax:

pu.exe -u administrator -p (your UIM password) -H -P 48000 _stop

This would force the robot at to restart.

You could also script this as needed to run the command against robots en masse using your favorite scripting language.