How can I reactivate a service type event?

Document ID : KB000025387
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When an ticket is closed, the service type events associated with the ticket are set to cancelled. If I change the status from "Closed" to "Open", the service type events remain cancelled. It is possible to re-activate these service type events?



This isn't currently possible. When a ticket is closed, and service type events are cancelled, there is no way to re-activate them.

One thing to consider is the use of a different model for ticket closure, a Resolve then Close model.

  • Create a new status, e.g. "Resolved-Closed". This status should set "Make Active" to Yes, "Stop Service Type Events?" to Yes and "Make resolved?" to No.
  • When a ticket is "closed", the status is set to the above status. This stops the service type events, but doesn't actually change the ticket to resolved.
  • At a pre-determined point in the future, change the status to "Closed", which will then mark the ticket as resolved. This could be done automatically by an event to change the status, with the appropriate delay.

This means that when users close tickets, they should set the status to the status created above. This effectively closes the ticket, but at a later point the real status is changed to Closed.