How can I query the NFA database to see all Protocol ID's and Ports in the database?

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Last Modified Date : 22/05/2018
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How can I query the NFA database to see all protocol ID's and ports detected by NFA in the database?
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The protocol identifier in the reporter.protocol_definitions table is what holds this data, however it is stored in hex, so it must be converted into a readable format to see the protocol ID and port number.

To convert the data, open a command prompt and run the command below to export the list to a csv file:

mysql -D reporter -t -e "select ID, IfNull(pd.Name, p.Name) as 'Name', IfNull(pd.Description, p.Description) as 'Description', Encapsulation, conv( mid( identifier, 19, 8 ), 16, 10 ) as proto1, conv( mid( identifier, 27, 8 ), 16, 10 ) as port from protocol_definitions p left outer join protocol_domains pd on pd.protocolId =;" > protocol_definitions.csv