How can I print a list of all userids defined in UAMS?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Report Writer  function in Netmaster contains many canned reports.

One of these prints out all userids contains in the UAMS file, which helps with keeping the file current.

To run this report, go issue  /RW from the command line in your Netmaster region to bring up the Report Writer Primary menu.

The select option G


NM11-------------------- Report Writer : Primary Menu---------
Select Option ===>  G
   R   - Report Definition Maintenance                 RWDEFN
   G   - Generate a Report                             -
   S   - Schedule a Report                             RWSCHED
   P   - Reports in Progress                           -
   T   - Table Maintenance                             -
   X   - Exit
 Userid ...            ( Optional P )


In the resulting screen, populate the fields as shown and hit PF6 to Action.

NM11---------------- Report Writer : Generate a Report --
Command ===> 
Report Appl .......+ $UASYS
Report Type ........ PUBLIC        (PUBLIC or PRIVATE)
Userid .............               (Userid if PRIVATE)
Report Name .......+ $SUMMARY
Owner .............. USER001 
Printer Name ......+ ?
Hold Report? ....... NO            (YES or NO)
Keep Report? ....... NO            (YES or NO)
Number of Copies ... 1             (1 to 255)

It will ask for a printer name.  supply that and the summary will be sent to your email.
Or you can set HOLD to YES and view it in /PSM.Q.


Here is a sample of what the report looks like (your report will show multiple header lines - this was originally to generate bold print on the old mainframe printers):  

                              User Access Maintenance Subsystem - Summary Report (THU 09-JUL-2015)                                                                                                                                                                            Page 1
                                                                           Cmd UAMS  OCS Brd- Netw  Ops  Sys Admn Edit FTS MAI TSO
User ID   Name                  Location             Phone        Group    Auth Auth  Acc Cast Mgmt Mgmt Supp Defn Serv Acc Acc Acc
--------  --------------------  -------------------- ------------ -------- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- --- --- ---
$DEFAULT  Default user profile                                              000  N    N    N    N    N    N    N         N   N   N
$GMMLTD  Monitor User Group                                                000  N    Y    N    Y    N    N    N         N   N   N
$GROUP1  Operator Model                                                     200  N    Y    Y    Y    Y    N    Y         N   N   Y                
NM01BSYS  NMAST Background    System                            $RMBUSER  255  N    Y    Y    Y    Y    Y    Y         Y   N   N
NM01BSVR  NMAST Background    BSVR                             $RMBUSER  255  N    Y    Y    Y    Y    Y    Y         N   N   N
NM01BSYS  NMAST Background    System                            $RMBUSER  255  N    Y    Y    Y    Y    Y    Y         N   N   N
NM01AOMP  NMAST Background    System                            $RMBUSER  255  N    Y    Y    Y    Y    Y    Y         Y   N   N
BSMITH    Bob Smith       Bobtown      999-1234             255  N    N    Y    Y    N    Y    Y         N   Y   N
HHIRSCH  Harry Hirsch      Ost Friesen   111-7411            255  N    N    Y    Y    N    Y    Y         N   Y   N