How can I override the plan and package owner from the default TSO ID running the 0002 post-install bind job to another userid?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When binding all packages and plans in the post install ssid0002 job, is there a straightforward way to designate a userid , other than the user submitting the bind job, to be owner of the packages and plans in the DB2 catalog?




Use the PLANOWN parm in the SETUPxx member of the CDBAPARM library. There is one for each SSID entry.

e.g. at the bottom of each SSID entry in SETUPxx.
SSID     (ssid)
PLANOWN  (AUTHID)  <-----------

The Bind job "ssid0002"  will generate Bind control cards that include an OWNER parameter which is populated with the value specified in the PLANOWN parm field.

On the online screens used to generate the Post Install where SETUPxx is modified this value can be seen as "Bind Owner" for each specific SSID.


Type the information in the fields below.

STOGROUP Name.............> PTSG
STOGROUP Volume...........> '*'
Database Name.............> PTDB
Bind Owner................> AUTHID    (Optional) <--------------------------------
Data Sharing Group Name...>           (If part of a Data Sharing Group)

Note that if PLANOWN is blank like this PLANOWN () , then the plan owner becomes the ID of the person running the BIND job which may not be what you want at all.
Think about what authid should be the plan owner at your site for all of the CA Database Management for DB2 for z/os tools.

It should be a group ID that has SYSADM that is not tied to one person specifically in case that person leaves your organisation.