How Can I Migrate Customized Web Forms in CA Service Desk Manager?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After migrating to a newer release of CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) it's necessary to merge any form customization that were created in previous releases to the newer version of the forms. Previously this was a completely manual effort, but beginning with versions 14.1.04 and 17.0, a tool is provided to help automate this process. This document provides information on the utility and how to use it.

CA Service Desk Manager 14.1.04, 17.0 or newer

NOTE: Proper planning for the usage of this utility begins prior to performing the migration of CA SDM. You must make a full backup of the %NX_ROOT%\bopcfg\www\htmpl from your current installation of CA SDM prior to the migration to 17.0 or prior to applying cumulative 4 to 14.1.

When using the Customization Upgrade Utility the following occurs:

1. A comparison is made between any form customization that exists in CUSTOMIZED_FOLDER path and the out of the box forms from the previous release of CA SDM, which are specified in the PREVIOUS_BASE_FOLDER path. This helps the tool to note which customizations were added.

2. A comparison is made between the forms in the PREVIOUS_BASE_FOLDER path and the NEW_BASE_FOLDER path to note which changes were introduced into the out of the box forms between the installations of CA SDM.

3. Once the differences are understood by the system, it will attempt to merge the information from the CUSTOMIZED_FOLDER into the newer version of the forms, using the information gathered in steps 1 and 2.

How to alter the paths:

All the configuration information for the Customization Upgrade Utility is stored in %NX_ROOT%\site\cfg\ You may edit this file using a text editor, and then define the paths to point to the desired locations. Out of the box the paths are referencing various locations within "$NX_ROOT/samples/customization_upgrade".

You will likely want to alter the NEW_BASE_FOLDER path to become:


and the CUSTOMIZED_FOLDER to become:


How to use the utility:

Once the paths are correctly defined, and all files in their proper locations, you can run the utility by opening a command prompt, browsing into the %NX_ROOT%\bin directory and running the following command (specific to the OS):

  • Windows: customization_upgrade.bat
  • Unix/Linux:

When the utility is completed, the newly upgraded forms must be moved into the proper site\mods\www\htmpl directories, the "pdm_webcache" command should be run to clear the webengine cache, and then full testing should be performed to ensure that all functionality it working as expected.

Why might a form fail to be upgraded by the utility?:

The following reasons are noted in the documentation:

  • When the number of customizations in the file is large.
  • When the customized content location has changed only slightly, that is, immediately before or after the customized content, the utility fails to find the reference location and eventually fails.
  • When the customized file is split into multiple OOTB HTMPL and CSS files.

In any such instance the form customization merging will need to be completed manually. If assistance is needed in manually merging any form customization it may be necessary to engage with CA Services to complete this task.

You can view a demonstration of the utility in this video:


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