How can I learn more about a RC 57(001) in my CA Datacom/DB MUF and CICS region startup?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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As a result of a solution RI71755 being published ((DB 14.0 #366), "*PDC: ADD INFORMATION TO RC 57(001) IN MESSAGE GUIDE"), the documentation for the RC 57(001) has been updated. While the explanation is still correct ("The address passed to CA Datacom/DB in a multi-tasking environment is invalid."), the User Response has been updated to identify a more common cause of the problem.

Here is the updated User Response for RC 57(001): 

Ensure the PC CALL modules are present in the system where the error occurred. Run a DBUTLTY MEMORY=MVS report and verify that both the DBPCCPR and DBPCSPR modules are present. If they are present, ensure the failing program specifically opens the User Requirements Table if OPEN=USER was specified in the DBURINF macro of this User Requirements Table. For all other cases, collect documentation and contact CA Support.

When running the DBUTLTY MEMORY=MVS report, there should be two entries in the COMMON MEMORY USAGE section identifying that the DBPCCPR and DBPCSPR modules have been loaded. The entries on the report will look something like this:

COMMON MEMORY USAGE  (NOT SVC OR MUF SPECIFIC)                             

 ADDRESS      SIZE  TEXT                                                   

. . .                        
31EF0000      4346  DBPCCPR  14.0   20131018 14.43  CROSS MEMORY  PC=PROD  
31EED000      2984  DBPCSPR  14.0   20130419 12.54  PC XCF + RRS  PC=PROD  
. . .                       

For more information about using these PC Call modules, please refer to the CA Datacom/DB Database and System Administration Guide for version 14.0, in the section "Establishing Communication with z/OS › Installation and Use of the CA Datacom/DB Program Call PC Routines"