How Can I install CA Aion Business Rules Expert 11.0 on Windows 7 with special characters?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Installing CA Aion Business Rules Expert to a directory structure in Windows 7 other than <drive>:\Disk1\InstData\NoVM, will cause many directories not to be correctly created, as well as the redev, reexec and respawn utilities, regardless of the target directory chosen. Also the Start Menu item for Aion will not show up.


When installing CA Aion Business Rules Expert 11.0 on Windows 7, there are concerns when installing to a directory that has "special" characters, such as C:\Program Files (x86).

There can be problems with the redev, respawn and reexec utilities, as well as the Start Menu item showing "CA Aion Business Rules Expert Development System".

Section 7.2 in the Readme file, "7.2 Directories with Special Characters", provides advice on how to circumvent the problem with any unlikely default installation directory to one with special directories.


The build process will not work if CA Aion Business Rules Expert 11.0 is installed into a directory that contains special characters in its name.


When CA Aion Business Rules Expert 11.0 is installed in a directory that contains special characters like Program Files (x86), a virtual drive should be created for the BRE installation path in order to run the examples from the installation path.

For Example assume that CA Aion Business Rules Expert 11.0 is installed in "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\AionBRE". Define a virtual drive for that BRE installation path using the command prompt as follows:

subst X: "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\AionBRE"

Start REDEV from the command Prompt and reference the virtual directory X: instead of the paths that contains the special character.

After following the above process, examples can be run without any problem. The virtual drive must be re-created whenever the computer is re-booted.

Note: The installation files must be copied to a directory structure consisting of <drive>:\Disk1\InstData\NoVM. Do not use any other names, except the applicable disk drive letter. An example of a valid location: C:\Users\Tester\Desktop\Disk1\InstData\NoVM.

Note: It is not sufficient to open only the .iso file with WinZip, and extract only the installation executable file setup.exe instead of extracting the entire directory structure.

Very important: The Aion installation must be extracted from the .iso file, and setup.exe must be run. No other executable should be run, but the setup.exe file, because the setup.exe knows the exact directories and files to expand the included zip files. Manually expanding the .zip files will lead to insurmountable difficulties.