How can I install a 'REWORKED' APAR/PTF in CSM since it does not support APPLY REDO?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I have a 'REWORKED' test APAR/PTF whose previous version has already been Received and Applied into the CSI.  CSM does not offer an APPLY REDO option, how do I proceed?


To facilitate the APPLY of a 'REWORKED' APAR/PTF in CSM you will want to follow these steps using CSM's UI:

1) Delete the APAR/PTF  to remove it from the CSM catalog and the correlating file system.

2) RESTORE the APAR/PTF to remove it from the CSI's SMP/E Target zone.

3) REJECT the APAR/PTF  to remove it from the CSI's SMP/E Global zone and SMPPTS library.

4) Perform 'Add External Maintenance' to add the APAR/PTF to CSM's Catalog, and file system.

5) RECEIVE the APAR/PTF to add it to the CSI's SMP/E Global zone, and populating the SMPPTS library.

6) APPLY the APAR/PTF to add it to the CSI's SMP/E Target zone.