How can I force Insight to offload (unload) my History file?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document explains how to enable Insight to offload (unload) the History file.


The UNLOAD Modify command forces the data collector to unload the accounting file, the statistics file or both.


The SYSOPR userid, defined in the Insight Security file, must be authorized to issue the UNLOAD command. This is done by specifying HISTORY-UNLOAD=YES in the security profile associated with SYSOPR. By default this is the OPERATOR security profile.

This command has the following format:

 	/F <jobname>,UNLOAD {ACCT|STAT|ALL} 


Issues the MVS MODIFY command. This is the standard abbreviation.

Specifies the jobname of the data collector.

Forces the data collector to unload the accounting file (ACCT), the statistics file (STAT), or both (ALL).

For example, the following command can be entered to unload all of the History records for a running Data Collector job named HAYGR012:

 	/f haygr012,unload all