CA PPM: How can I figure out what table my custom time slice records are being inserted into?

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Last Modified Date : 08/08/2018
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When you define a new time slice request, the application will use that information to extract data from BLOB fields for a particular data type in the system. The type of request you will create will determine where the slice data originates and what table the individual sliced values are created in.



To find out the table that your slices are being stored in, follow this procedure.

  1. Create your new time slice request in Administration, Data Administration: Time Slices page
  2. Example: Slice Name = 'My Detailed Planned Cost Slice'
  3. After saving the slice definition, look for the Slice Request ID value 
  4. Now run the following query, specifying the id from Step 3.
    select request_name, table_name from prj_blb_slicerequests where id = nnnnnnn

    Note: nnnnnnn is the slice request id gathered from Step 3.

    Query for Example:

    select request_name, table_name from prj_blb_slicerequests where id = 5002034

  The results will appear similar to the following:

 request_name                    table_name
 ------------------------------  ----------------
 My Detailed Planned Cost Slice  ODF_SL_PLAN_COST

Slice data is stored into the tables in different unit values and are dependent on the type of data and the period of the slice.

Additional Information:

Use the attached Oracle SQL Query to get a list of Time Slice Requests similar to the list you see in Administration, Time Slices page.

The output will show 4 extra details of the slice request.  The DWH Fiscal Periods will have references to the DWH Entity.

  • Slice Table Name
  • Fiscal Entity Id
  • DWH Entity Name
  • DWH Fiscal Period Type

Output extra details

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