How can I determine which agent is creating too many transaction traces?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When looking at the Perflog on the EM Collector, I see that the metric, Performance.Transactions.Num.Traces, is high (i.e. greater than 500,000). What is a recommended approach to track down which agent(s) have high transaction traces?



This can be seen in Custom Metric Agent | Agents | <host> | <process> | <agentname>:Transaction Tracing Events Per Interval


  • Go to each agent, then click on the Traces Tab. The bottom of the window shows the number of events.
  • Currently, there is no simple report (like a pie chart) that can show this.


However, if you wish to generate a report or pie chart or CLW Query for reporting purposes:

  1. Open web view
  2. Click on "Investigator"
  3. Click on "Metric Browser"
  4. Open "Custom Metric Host"
  5. Open "Custom Metric Process"
  6. Open "Custom Metric Agent" (per EM):
  7. Open "Agents"
  8. Type "Transaction Tracing Events Per Interval" and press <Enter" or click "Go"
  9. Select Top n rows and click "Draw Graph"



For the report:

  1. Open Workstation
  2. Select metric as above, go to individual metric
  3. Right-click metric and select "New Metric Grouping"
  4. Select Management Module (create new one or add to "Supportability")
  5. Edit agent expression, set metric expression to "Agents\|.*:Transaction Tracing Events Per Interval" and save
  6. Select report template "Agent Summary" and open template editor
  7. Copy and paste "Agent Metric Count", change name to "Agent Transaction Trace Count" and description, set Metric Grouping to "Transaction Tracing Events Per Interval" (or whatever you named it) in data properties May change "Aggregate by Group" to off.
  8. Copy and paste "Metric Breakdown", change name to "Transaction Trace Breakdown" and description, set Metric Grouping to "Transaction Tracing Events Per Interval" (or whatever you named it) in data properties. May change "Aggregate by Group" to off.
  9. Save and run report




Unfortunately you cannot get the pie chart directly in web view.


Now you can run the report from CLW:

clw.[bat|sh] "generate report named \"Agent Summary\" in management module named \"Supportability\" starting at \"9/1/2015 15:00:00\" ending at \"9/2/2015 15:00:00\" to report.pdf"


Or get the plain metric csv from CLW (last 24 hours, hourly):

clw.[bat|sh] "get historical data from agents matching (Custom.*) and metrics matching (Agents\|.*:Transaction Tracing Events Per Interval) for past 1440 minutes with frequency of 3600 s" > tracecount.csv



Additional Information:

See for additional ideas on cleaning up transaction traces.