How Can I Determine What Download Method Software Delivery Agents are Using to Receive Software Packages?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Software Delivery has 3 different options for delivering software to the agents, NOS, NOS-less and DTS-NOS-less. When configured for NOS, the agent maps a drive back to the SDLIBRARY$ share and installs the software remotely. With NOS-less and DTS-NOS-less , the software is first copied locally to the endpoint in a temp directory and executed locally.

The setting is a manager side setting and is stored in the database.  In order to get a list of machines using any of the 3 methods, you can run a sql query against the USD_V_TARGET view. The column is called download_method and the values are as follows:


0 = NOS

1 = NOS-less

2 = DTS-NOS-less


So, to get a list of machines that are configured for NOS-less, run the following SQL query in Sql Management Studio where the Domain Manager's MDB resides:


select lanname, download_method from usd_v_target where download_method = 1


This will return a list of all agents using NOS-less.


Run the query changing the download_method to 0 or 2 to find a list of NOS or DTS-NOS-less agents respectively.


Please note that most agents will be configured for either NOS of NOS-less as DTS is not installed by default at the agent level and is rarely used for agent software deliveries.