how can I Customize the Software Delivery Jobcheck dialog box.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The CA Unicenter Software Delivery Agent (SDAGENT) is started when CAF first starts. It starts again if CAF detects a change of IP address or when it is requested to do so by the scalability server. It is not a memory-resident task. Once it has completed its check for any Software Jobs, it will exit and only be started again on request. This process is often referred to as 'Jobcheck.'



The Jobcheck dialog can be either hidden or visible to the user, and as with the CAF dialogs,
the logo and text strings can be customized to display the company logo or a message when job check runs. 



All of the text displayed by 'Jobcheck' is externalized in a text file called Agent.txt which is located in:     ..\CA\DSM\SD\NLS

The bitmap that is displayed is changed by replacing the file called agent.bmp. The file must be within a specific size range.

The agent.txt file lists details of this Banner bitmap.

The banner bitmap is replaceable, The default bitmap is 390 x 69. The maximum size of the custom bitmap is  640 x 120 and minimum 390 x 60.

If the custom bitmap size is out of these bounds, the standard bitmap will be used.

If the size of the banner bitmap differs from the standard size, the dialog is resized to fit the custom bitmap.

The agent loads and uses the custom banner bitmap if the bitmap is named agent.bmp and is located in the ..\sd\NLS directory.


Figure 1