How can I create sd_acmd commands for packages already installed in OS images and defined in Procedure Groups?

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Last Modified Date : 01/10/2018
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In order to speed up OS deployments, sometimes the initial set of packages are already installed in the OS image but when the OS is installed in a new target machine and the agent registers to the Domain Manager, the already installed packages do not get registered.
A way to achieve it is by running sd_acmd commands to add the installation records to the Domain Manager.
The list of initial set of packages are defined in a Procedure Group but when exporting the list from DSM-Explorer, the package name and version are exported as one field so it's difficult to build sd_acmd commands from it.
How to build sd_acmd commands to register already installed packages on a new OS image so they get registered to the Domain Manager?
They are already registered and defined in a Procedure Group.
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Unzip the attached procedure group to

Run the following script to create sd_acmd lines from packages under a procedure group with the following parameters to connect to the SQL Server of the Enterprise or Domain Manager with the necessary SQL credentials and the Procedure Group name:

pg2sdacmd.bat <sql-server-name> <sql-userid> <sql-password> <procedure-group-name>

The created sd_acmd commands will need to be run after the OS installation by either a Software Delivery job or added at the end of the OS installation. The end of the file oobecustom.cmd of the OS image under DSM\Server\SDBS\var\managedpc\images\<image-name>\<image-name>\oeminst

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