How can I cancel a long running ROLBK task?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A long running ROLLBACK (ROLBK) command is affecting the performance of a Datacom Multi-User Facility (MUF).


Is there any way to abort this long running ROLBK command?


Yes, the console command ROLLBACK_ABORT can be issued to abort the ROLBK task. The complete description of this console command can be found on the “MUF Startup Options and Console/Console-Like Commands” section of the first chapter (Chapter 1: Introduction) of CA Datacom Database and System Administration Guide manual. As stated on that manual, a Backward Recovery could be required to complete the backout of the affected task.


Additional Information:

Here is the direct link to the CA Datacom 15.1 manual dealing with ROLLBACK_ABORT console command.

Backward recovery info can be found on TEC608180