How can I branch on a global variable without requiring extra interaction with user?

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Last Modified Date : 13/07/2018
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Now that we are starting to build test matching and wrap a tile around the datapools, this brings up integration questions between ARD and DTM:
  1. In ARD (per title) you can create global variables that a user populates. Depending on these values, different things (aka go to different process block) need to be accomplished. We created the variable and then used that variable is a decision/multi decision block. However, when we use the tile and the global variables are populated, the decision block still presents its selection buttons that ask the exact same question... global variable asks how many do you want - you say 3. decision block splits based on how many you want - I still have to select 3.  How do I automate the decision block so that it does not require the user to select 3 after entering 3 on the global variable?
  2. I can pull DM variables into ARD. I can create new variables in ARD and use them in a decision. When I try to publish setting the DM variable = ARD variable the publish fails because it has no reference to the ARD table storing the variable... How do I pass a variable from ARD to DM during a publish?
  3. Depending on how the questions are answered, I have different variables I want to display to the user. How do I display 1 or 2 or 3 variables from a single make data process (currently have many process blocks 1 for each option ...)?
TDM 4.4
ARD 2.7

If UseInTDoD is checked, then the variable will be displayed in tester self-service flow. Use of Fixed is sometime confusing, let me try to explain. When Fixed is checked, here is how it works:

  • If Fixed is checked and variable type is textbox, then the value provided in Value column in ARD will override default value defined in DataMaker.
  • If Fixed is checked and the variable type is dropdown, multi-select, or radio button, then value provided in Value column in ARD will override “List Definition” of variable and not default value.
Please NOTE: The behaviors are kept the same as it was in TDOD so that backward compatibility is not broken.
  • In the Value section/column, we support expressions defined in TDM style (e.g. ~MAX_VALUE~, @aslist(@list(aaa,bbb,ccc,ddd)@)@)

However, this does not fully explain the questions that are being asked.  Let's break those down and put them into different words.  The end result will be that an Enhancement is needed, it is currently going through the normal Development cycle, and it is not on the Road map at this time.

Why is TDM failing to resolve an ARD variable called numberNeeded when trying to assign a value for the TDM variable on set to publish?

I am afraid there is no integration between ARD and TDM where TDM could resolve an ARD variable during a publish.  ARD uses ^ to delimit a variable whereas TDM uses ^ to delimit a column reference hence the error message seen in the log. Moreover numberNeeded is a variable native to ARD.

How can I automate the choice option when we have it set by the ARD variable?

I am afraid this would also fall within the same integration context between ARD and TDM. Unfortunately this is a major enhancement that would need both product owners involvement from both TDM and ARD.

This has been resolved with  Please contact CA Support for this version or later.  If you are installing TDMPortal in a GA after 13 July 2018, please verify with CA Support that this fix was incorporated into the GA you are downloading.

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