How can I add entries to a menubar?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In specific scenarios there could be the need to add entries to menubar, for an existing or for a new role.

CA Service Desk Manager 12.9CA Service Desk Manager 14.1CA Service Desk Manager 17.0

The menubar entries can be modified using Web Screen Painter.

To modify a current menubar:

- connect to Service Desk as Administrator,

- click on Administration, security and Role Management, Role Management, Role List

- in the list of roles select the involved role

- in the details of the role, click on tab ‘3.Resources’

- in subtab ‘1.Tabs’ click on the Tab containing the menubar that needs to be modified

- in the details of this tab, click on the value in the field ‘Menu Bar’

- take a note of the name in field ‘HTMPL Name’

- open WSP

- click on File, Open and open the menubar having the name equal to the name in field ‘HTMPL Name' found previously

- with that specific menubar opened, click on Tools, ‘Menu’ Designer’

- in it changes to menubar can be done.

- to add new entries, click on the place, inside the list of entries, where you want to add it

- click on Insert

- at least Caption and Function have to be set; for the appropriate function, you can refer to other menubars where the same entry is already present

- when all the changes have been done, Save and then Publish

- refresh the webcache: pdm_webcache -H

- if needed clean the browser cache; there is no need to recycle the Service Desk service.


Login and test if everything is ok. 

Additional Information:

Consider that the changes done to the menubar will be seen also by users belonging to other roles having the same tab/menubar associated..

If the change is needed only for a specific role and there are other roles using the same tab/menubar, then new objects are needed.

Instead of modifying (via WSP) the already existent .htmpl menubar file, create a new htmpl file.

Create also a new Tab and a new Menu Bar with in ‘HTMPL Name’ the name of the new htmpl file created.

Then associate in the details of the Role, Resources, Tabs, the new tab created.

In the details of this new tab, the ‘Menu Bar’ field has to contain the new menubar created and in the details of this new menubar, the ‘HTMPL Name’ has to contain the name of the new .htmpl created.

To clarify, the objects involved are the following:

- Role

   - Tab

      - Menu Bar

         - HTMPL

If only the .htmpl file is modified (via WSP), all the other roles using the Tab with that 'Menu Bar' (associated to this .htmpl file) will be affected; to have a unique scenario for a specific role a new Tab with a new Menu Bar associated to a new .htmpl file is needed.

Consider also that the entries inside the menubar have to be coherent with the 'Function Access' settings of the role.