How can event that was triggered for the distant future be deleted?

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  1. Go into page mode and issue a LISTSCH DATE and the list of the events
    ESP  ------------------------------- COMMAND ===> lsch date 14.00.00 WED29JUL98 CYBDE01.REMIND 15.26.54 WED29JUL98 CYBAB02.SANTA 15.35.21 WED29JUL98 CYBAB02.DEER 18.00.00 WED29JUL98 USER01.PAY 00.00.00 THU30JUL98 CYBSY01.A 00.00.00 THU30JUL98 CYBWR01.MIDNIGHT 00.00.00 THU30JUL98 CYBWR01.ZEROZERO 06.00.00 THU30JUL98 SCAN EVENT1
    Note or record time and date.

  2. Select option E
    E510 ------------------------ ESP V5.1.0 Main Menu ----------------- OPTION ===>E Select an option from the list and press ENTER Define,Manage,Review...           Functions    E  Events                                O  Set your ESP defaults    A  Applications                          C  Consolidated Status Facility    L  Calendars                             U  ESP Utilities    J  Jobs                                  G  ESP Page Mode    T  Job Tracking                          M  ESP Administration    S  Scheduled Activity                    R  ESP Encore
  3. Select option 3
    ESP ------------------------ EVENT MANAGEMENT MENU ----------------------- ES OPTION ===>3        Select an option from the list and press ENTER        Selection                          Description     1  Quick Event Definition             Quick entry panels to create a simple Event     2  Define a new ESP Event             Full panel series to define a new Event     3  Control an existing Event          Alter, Browse, Delete, Edit, Hold, Release, Simulate,                                            Suspend, Resume or Trigger ESP Events     4  TEST                               Test schedule criteria     5  NEXT                               Display next execution time of an Event
  4. Press ENTER to display the list of events
    ESP ------------------------- EVENT CONTROL MENU ------------------------- ESP OPTION ===>        A  Alter Event attributes                 M  Simulate Event execution       B  Browse one or more Events              P  Release Event(s) for processing       D  Delete one or more Events              R  Resume Event processing       E  Edit Event definition(s)               T  Trigger Event execution       H  Hold Event processing                  U  Suspend Event processing       blank  Display a List of Events DO YOU WANT TO CONFIRM A DELETE REQUEST? ===> Y (Y/N)  (Blank defaults to YES) SINGLE EVENT  To process one Event, complete the following. PREFIX           ===> CYBAB02                   (Blank defaults to group name) DESCRIPTIVE NAME ===>                           (Required for single Event) MULTIPLE EVENTS  Use asterisks (*) and/or a hyphen (-) for masking to process a generic group of Events. PREFIX           ===> CYBAB02                   (Blank defaults to group name) DESCRIPTIVE NAME ===>                           (Blank defaults to all Events)
  5. Trigger the event you want to delete
    ESP ----------------------------- LIST EVENTS ------------- Row 13 to 15 of 15 COMMAND ===>  ENTER ANY COMBINATION OF THESE CODES NEXT TO THE EVENT(S) YOU WANT TO PROCESS           A Alter     D Delete    H Hold      R Resume    M Simulate           B Browse    E Edit      P Release   U Suspend   T Trigger   EVENT                                   NEXT DUE           SYS     HC SCT  CYBAB02.SANTA          15.26.54 ON WED JUL 29TH, 1998      E510    0   0   CYBAB02.SECOND_EVENT   07.00.00 ON SAT AUG  1ST, 1998      E510    0   0   CYBAB02.DEER           REQUIRES TRIGGER                    E510    0   0   **END**
  6. Fill in the following options and press enter
    ESP -------------------------- TRIGGER AN EVENT -------------------------- ESPCOMMAND ===>FIll in any of the following optional fields and then press ENTER.REPLACE/ADD  ===> REPLACE                 (Defaults to REPLACE )TRIGGER TIME ===> 15.26.54 WED29JUL98     (May include date. Default is NOW)NOXEQ (Y/N)  ===> Y                       ( Y bypasses next scheduled execution of Event)SYSTEM       ===>                         (System ID)APPL on HOLD ===>                         ( Y places any APPL generated by Event in APPLHOLD)User Parameters passed to Event:USER1  ===>USER2  ===>USER3  ===>USER4  ===>CASE SENSITIVE  ===> N     (Specify Y for YES.  N or blank for NO)
  7. On successfully completion this message will occur
  8. Go into page mode and issue a LISTSCH DATE and the list of the events to confirm deletion

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