How can an ACF2 CICS USERKEY Resource be changed to MODE= IGNORE?

Document ID : KB000102827
Last Modified Date : 20/06/2018
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A USERKEY definition can be changed from VALIDATE to IGNORE using the ACFM 
transaction using function USerkey, then select the desired USERKEY and change 

For example: 

From CICS screen: ACFM OM 
Enter: US 
Select the USERKEY to be modified 
Overtype VALIDATE with IGNORE 
Prior to adding the USERKEY with ACFM they received error messages from their application, not an ACF2 violation message. Once adding the USERKEY with ACFM they no longer received the errors. Then they changed the USERKEY to OPTION = IGNORE with ACFM OM US and they still no longer received the errors as they expected. I explained that with USERKEY OPTION = IGNORE access will be allowed. To remove the USERKEY the CICS region the region needs to be re-cycled.