How can a specific version of a package be explained?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to create a list of objects - like versions of a package - to select from when you build your Explain.


In order to select a specific package version follow the steps below:

  1. From the Plan Analyzer main menu select Option P - Profile, then 2 - PPA Profile Variables and ensure Package version(s) default is set to A (all).

    While not required you may want to set Expert Mode default to Y. The following examples use this mode.

    Figure 1

  2. Create a type CK (Catalog Package) strategy where you enter required information like SSID etc. Here is an example from a Quick Explain. Note the * in column DBRM/PKG

    Figure 2

    Pres ENTER and a list of packages within the collection is shown:

    Figure 3

    You can also change selection criteria from this panel as shown in the example below where only packages PTASSPD1 are listed.
    Note the * in field Stmt No. If using Expert Mode Yes ( from the profile) statement number and text is listed.
    Use line command S to select the package(s) you want to explain.

    Figure 4

  3. Press ENTER and the selected package(s) are queued and this message displayed:

    PP033I: Selected objects have been queued, enter (S)hrink to view the queue.

    Note that this process can be repeated with different Collections.

  4. Press PF3 twice, update Explain Options if required and Press ENTER to process.

    The Explain cards are generated for the specific collection / package / version selected: