How can a Capture be done to a fixed-name data set?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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From View and Output Definition, doing an "Export to host" will generate a DSN of this pattern:
"prefix" is the value from Vkgparm CAPPFX with the default: 
(%%DSNPFX%%.X) (A maximum of 13 characters)
It is possible to capture an object to a single, fixed data set name by using a script.
Each time the capture is requested, the designated data set is deleted and reallocated to accommodate the new size, and then filled with the new capture data.
This is useful when you have in-house applications that need to process CA Vantage object data.  All they need is the name of the single designated data set, and the mapping of the appropriate object records. 

You can define the data set name you want and it will be reused to write the data into it.
A GOA script or a LOG script can be used to do this.
In these scripts, look for these statements:
SET_CAPTURE_DSN=dsname - Specifies the dsname of a sequential data set that is to hold the captured object. This parameter overrides the default conventions for the output data set.
CAPTURE_DATA - Captures the object to a capture data set on disk.  A fixed data set can be specified with the SET_CAPTURE_DSN= parameter, or a new name is generated each time, per capture convention.
Additional Information:

Refer to the CA Vantage User Guide, 12.6.00, Seventh Edition, pg 122, topic: Script Language - Structure and Content
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