How ASM capacity issues are handled when a station is busy?

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Last Modified Date : 06/06/2018
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How ASM capacity issues are handled when a station is busy?  
The page shows the current station state including stations which are in some kind of maintenance.
Maintenance of stations is done in a way that it should never impact capacity of the specific region.
ASM have a built-in load balancing. Every monitor have list of alternative locations. And when station is in maintenance we are scheduling that monitor in other locations from that list. That's why all monitors must have at least 3 stations selected. Monitor can't be saved with two or less selected.
We are not publishing details about maintenance of monitoring stations as they should be in majority of cases transparent to the customer.
1. Update the list of alternative locations so they are closer to your application location.
For example, if you are in America and you have configured to run the monitor from European stations, this could resulting in timeouts or probably the application is blocked from those locations.
2. Increase the monitor timeout.
3. Contact CA support to activate the "internal errors" feature for your profile. This is a feature we introduced in ASM 8.5
By setting view_internal_errors = 1 in the customer's User Settings you can obtain details why for example a specific station is not accepting checks (either capacity issue or in maintenance).