Housekeeping for a 2E Data Model

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A 2E Data Model will benefit from running regular housekeeping activities to ensure that it can be used efficiently and does not contain any integrity errors.


All the activities need exclusive use of the model and are best run as batch jobs overnight or at a weekend. For active data models, they are best run on a weekly basis over the weekend after your normal backup processing.


The housekeeping activities are:


With parameter RGZOPT(*MDL), this command reorganizes all the files in a data model and recovers space used by deleted records. It can also be run with parameter RGZOPT(*JOBLST) to reorganize data in the data model's job list file. For a model that is heavily used by a number of developers, it can be a good idea to run YRGZMDL RGZOPT(*JOBLST) overnight on a daily basis.


The YCHKMDL command with parameter ACTION(*UPDATE) checks the data model for inactive records in internal model files and unresolvable object references. These "dangling references" will be copied to backup files before being deleted and written to the Check Model Data report. 


The YCHKDTAMDL comand checks the data model for integrity errors in fields, domains, relations and entries. If any errors are reported, please raise a new case via CA Support Online and attach the Check Data Model: ** Error Log ** report to the case.


The YCHKMDL command with parameter ACTION(*ANALYZE) checks every object in the data model. It checks all objects that use the object (usages) and all objects that it refers to (references). A report is produced showing any unresolved references that are encountered during this expansion. For example if a model object refers to an object that has been deleted from the model.

Additional Information: 

If any warnings or errors are reported, please raise a new case via CA Support Online and attach the reports to the case.