In CA CSM how do I ensure that HIPERs are part of the maintenance.

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Last Modified Date : 20/02/2019
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When i pull down the maintenance in CA CSM how do I ensure that HIPER PTF's are part of the maintenance.
You could go to the software status tab in CA CSM. In the SMP/E Environments section you should see information on HIPERs.
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For example listed here are 4 CSI's / SMP/E environments with missing HIPER's. Missing means not applied so they could be received or not received.  Click 'View details" and it shows the CSI names and the number of missing HIPERs.
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In this example, using the IDMS.R190.CSI, click on the name of this CSI that has 9 missing HIPERs. This displays the screen below. Note that the highlighted filter checkbox is checked off to enable the filters.In the type column the filter is set to HIPER-PTF and in the status column it is set to received. This will display the 9 HIPERs that are missing, that is, not applied. If the display showed less than 9 then the 'not received' status could be used to show the rest of the missing HIPER's.
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