High VSS or VIRT memory by cybAgent.bin pocess

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Last Modified Date : 25/10/2018
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Why cybAgent.bin process takes High VSS/VIRT memory 

PID      USER  PR  NI   VIRT     RES    SHR  S  %CPU   %MEM    TIME+     COMMAND
24081  root     20    0    39.9g   128m   13m   S   0.3          0.8        0:02.07     cybAgent.bin 
This issue observed in Linux and Unix operating systems.
VSS field reflects reserved virtual memory only and it does not indicate actual memory allocation.

The simple_health_monitor.log has below three numbers:
  • Maximum allocateable - the reserved memory addresses (this will be the maximum that the program will ever try to allocate, if needed) 
  • Total allocated heap - the memory actually allocated from system memory 
  • Currently free heap - the amount of the allocated heap that can be used by the program before more memory needs to be allocated. 
The maximum allocateable memory used by the System Agent can be controlled by setting an agentparm.txt setting.
For example, to set the maximum allocateable memory to 6 GB, add the following to the agentparm.txt file: 

The actual memory usage shown in the simple_health_monitor.log can give you guidelines on how low the maximum memory can be set before it causes out of memory issues (because the process will never allocate more memory than it has reserved). 

As long as the Agent is working fine, this should not be an issue.