High CPU utilization with spel_srvr.exe. What the spel_srvr.exe process is?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The CPU utilization of the "spel_srvr.exe*32" process has been spent 25%, and one of 4 core CPU is utilized 100% by the spel_srvr.exe. On this situation, we have received the below questions.

1. In the administration guide, the below 2 descriptions are mentioned. However, it is hard to understand about them. Is it possible to clarify more detail?

- Spell code interpretation server
- Spell checker (lexagent_nxd)    Handles spell checking requests

2. There is a possibility that the problem will solve by recycling the spel_srvr*32 process and restart the process? Or OS reboot?

3. If the answer of #2 item is yes(specific spel_srvr*32 process only is recycled at will), is there the way to do that without recycling the SDM service?



1. The spel_srvr process responds the below 2 functions mainly.

- To interpret the object, factory and factory. It is defined in the below 2 places.

($NX_ROOT is the SDM installation folder path)

- To create an event to make animator process execute it.


2. We have experienced the case that the recycling SDM service solved a similar situation. Regarding such behavior, the below items are the detail about a possible cause/solution that the spel_srvr.exe process utilized the CPU high.

- We did not detected the exact root cause but the recycling SDM service solved the situation. The customer decided to wait and see the situation for a while.

- The customization in the spell code had the root cause. We asked to remove the customization from the environment once and restart the SDM service, and check if the problem solves.

- Over 100 events were attached to a ticket. The spel_srvr.exe process would encounter the performance problem. We recommend NOT to attach too many events. The event/macro function is useful, however, it will spend a load to SDM. Too many event/macro attached will affect a performance problem. Therefore, we recommend to use the minimum number of the event/macro for only the quantity needed.

3. There is NOT the supported way to recycle a specific process only. It needs to be recycled the whole SDM service itself.