Heuristic Data is not Replicating to the Enterprise Server

Document ID : KB000029859
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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No Heuristic Signature Scan data is showing up on the Enterprise Sever's DSM Explorer.

This document details why Software Found through Heuristic Signature Scan is not showing up on the

Enterprise and how to configure CA Client Automation to replicate the data up to the Enterprise server.



CA Client Automation - All Versions



CA Client Automation discovers software installed on agents 3 different ways:

  • CA Provided Signatures    - CA creates the signature for the software
  • Custom Signatures           - The customer creates the signature for the software 
  • Heuristic Signatures         - The scanner looks for programs in Add/Remove or searches the MSI database.


By default, software found by CA Provided Signatures and Custom Signatures is replicated to the Enterprise automatically.

Software found through the Heuristic method has to be enabled.



To enable Heuristic replication, do the following on the Domain Manager :

1. In DSM Explorer -> All Computers -> {Group Details} -> Software -> Discovered

2. Right-Click on Discovered and click on 'Replicate Heuristic To Enterprise'


3. The 'Replication of heuristic scanned software' box will popup asking you to confirm the replication task:


Once the replication task has had 2-3 successful runs, you can check to ensure heuristic data has been

replicated by running the following SQL Queries against the MDB to ensure the numbers match:

(For the SQL Queries below, source type 3 is Heuristic).


On the Domain Manager :

              select count(*) from ca_discovered_software  where dis_source_type_id =3 


On the Enterprise Server:

             select count(*) from ca_discovered_software  where dis_source_type_id =3 

             and  asset_source_uuid in (select dis_hw_uuid from ca_discovered_hardware

             where domain_uuid in (select domain_uuid from ca_n_tier where label like '%name of DM%"))