Help with restart line command of CICS monitoring

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Last Modified Date : 21/12/2018
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I issued the TERM line command on a sandbox region - these messages appear in the region's joblog
+GSVC906I (GSVI) Shutdown initiated by user request
+GSVC901I (GSVI) CA SYSVIEW for CICS shutdown started
+GSVC143I (GSVI) Monitoring environment has been terminated
+GSVC047I (GSVI) Monitor exit interface has been inactivated
+GSVC051I (GSVI) CICS Conversational monitoring has been set
+GSVC051I (GSVI) CICS Exception monitoring has been set OFF.
+GSVC051I (GSVI) CICS Performance monitoring has been set OFF
+GSVC051I (GSVI) CICS monitoring has been set OFF. CICS sett
GSVC014I (SCHT) Subtask GSVCSCHT terminated
GSVC014I (TPPT) Subtask GSVCTPPT terminated
GSVC014I (SDCS) Subtask GSVCSDCS terminated
GSVC014I (XDIS) Subtask GSVCXDIS terminated
GSVC014I (LOGT) Subtask GSVCLOGT terminated
+GSVC047I (GSVI) Monitor exit interface has been terminated
+GSVC999I (GSVI) CA SYSVIEW for CICS terminated

I tried to issue the restart line command
GSVX160A Enter YES to confirm: RESTART Restart monitoring for jobname CICSTEC2 on system SC14
and got the following error:
CICS005W*CICS monitor is not active in job CICSTEC2 ASID 0089
The RESTART line command is used for restarting a CICS monitor which is currently running.
If the monitor has already been terminated, it will not work.
To start a monitor which is not currently running, you can issue either the COLD line command to initiate a cold start, or INIT/GSVS/WARM to initiate a warm start.