Heap size maintenance for the agent.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What is the impact if heap is lower and how must I adjust heap size?


Information in agent’s simple health monitor log about the heap is as below.


main.SimpleHealthMonitor.CybsimpleHealthMonitor.run [:206] - Agent health information

             Maximum allocateable : 494 MB 960 KB 0 B

             Total allocated heap :      31 MB 128 KB 0 B

              Currently free heap :      22 MB 391 KB 296 B




CA WA Agent 11.3*



When the Agent is out of memory or could not allocate heap of requested size, it may prevent the Agent from starting or processing new jobs. A solution is to restart the agent and force complete all jobs that did not complete.

If this occurs frequently, then it is recommended to increase the jvm heap size for the Agent.

The parameter that controls the memory available to the Agent is;



 -Xms implies minimum heap size

 -Xmx implies maximum heap size

 nnn is a multiple of 64MB

For example, to increase the heap size, add the parameter in the agentparm.txt file (located in agent installation directory);


And, restart the agent.

The above example increases the maximum heap size to 256MB, default is 64MB.

Additional Information:

Increase Xmx as per the size of your workloads and resources available on the Agent box.