Hdbsetup fails to start. Error message: Line 71 file name argument required

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I have installed licensing, capki, odbc and pec components.  After installing the SCM Server component I selected "Y" to run hdbsetup and configure the database.  Hdbsetup fails to start with error message:

/opt/CA/scm/bin/hdbsetup: line 71: .: filename argument required
.: usage: . filename [arguments]


When looking at line 71 in the hdbsetup script, instead of seeing the correct path to the odbc.sh script, I am seeing something unexpected:

. ##ODBC_HOME##/odbc.sh


Why did this happen?  How can I correct the problem?


Problem was reproduced with SCM v13 64-bit Server, but we expect a similar problem might be found with other Linux/Unix platforms and other versions of SCM

This will happen when the wrong information is provided when setting the ODBC_HOME environment variable or when requested by the SCM Server's install.sh script:


If the wrong information is provided you will see this on the final confirmation screen before the install.sh script updates all the scripts in the $CA_SCM_HOME/bin folder:


If you select option 4 at this point to accept the settings and continue, every script in the $CA_SCM_HOME/bin folder will have a line similar to what was found in the hdbsetup script.


No script containing this error will function correctly.


If you see "##ODBC HOME##" as the ODBC Install Location on the confirmaition screen:


Do not select option 4 to accept the selections.  Instead, do one or both of these things:

  1. If you know that your ODBC component was installed correctly and the value that was provided is a simple mistake, you can select option 3, and provide the correct location for your ODBC installation.
  2. If you need to check to confirm that ODBC was installed correctly, you should cancel the install.sh script using <Ctrl>-C, resolve the problem with the ODBC installation, reset and export the updated ODBC_HOME environment variable and then start the $CA_SCM_HOME/install/install.sh script again.

If you discover this problem after having complete the installation of the SCM Server, resolve any problems with your ODBC installation, reset and export the updated ODBC_HOME environment variable and then restart the $CA_SCM_HOME/install/install.sh script.  This time select option 3 to update the scripts only.